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Sunday, 26 February 2017

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— All the classics of POLYHAX, streams, collabs and other stuff can be found on POLYHAX YouTube Channel:

March 2017: 

POLYHAX was an entertainment and streaming channel consisting of parodies, countdowns, reviews, playthroughs, journalism and the like. I no longer upload or post here anymore but you're always welcome to check out my big archive of videos from 2010 to 2017. Thanks for stopping by!

Celebrating Six Years of POLYHAX Goodness:

Top 5 games with 'sky' on the front cover. Ranging from Skyward Sword to Skyrim to mod games of popular franchises. I dug up five games of said quality and threw them in a gauntlet 5 to 1. Happy sixth anniversary to my YouTube channel. It's been an amazing experience. 

I'm sad to say this is my last video on YouTube. Thanks so much for six amazing years of countdowns, parodies, playthroughs, streams and thank you, my good viewer.

HXN Streams:

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