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Monday, 23 February 2015

POLYHAX Turns 4 Years + Temporary Hiatus

Here it is, the year 2015. Two months into 2015. Nearly 1/6 of this year has practically gone and I haven't said anything here or on YouTube. On Twitter however, i'm always tweeting about what's going and what's on my mind. I went back more than a year ago to when I posted on January the 1st 2014. The link to that post can be found here ( and it's interesting for me to realise how much my outlook has really changed. My point being that what I face this year is 10 times harder than last year so I'm not even able to spare time to update here. 

I've already explained the issue in my POLYHAX update video as well as all of the proceeding updates before this one. I do not need to say why there will be no videos until June.There is so much detail and such bare time to discuss  these things that there is simply no point. If you want to know what's going on in my life then you should follow me on Twitter . But the message without reason is this: there will be little to nothing from me YouTube-wise until June due to critical time and vital examinations to prepare for. If there are any more updates here then there'll be probably copy and pasted from Twitter. This blog site should still serve as a journal for Twitter.

So what's the significance of today? Today POLYHAX is 4 years old (created 23rd February 2011). Unfortunately I'm unable to celebrate it and go on for loads of paragraphs about how it's evolved over the years or some kinda stupid speech. I thought today would mark a good day to update but as I write it's 23:55 GMT. All I want to say is thank you to four years of incredible growth and from June till September this year expect a big period of more content. Until then POLYHAX is temporarily closed.

See you all in June :^)