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Sunday, 28 December 2014

Final 2014 Post

Well, what a major post this is. If you're unaware as to why there are hardly any videos being uploaded or the frequency of my schedules, then read the important 'Original Update' below. Now that's that out of the way and you understand why I'm keeping YouTube a bare minimum: I can talk about what videos I have planned for when I can eventually make some.

Firstly, I've already uploaded a creepypasta themed video (see below) and furthermore a revisit video I'm going to upload on New Years Day. Finally and most importantly, the next Obvious Facts video is in development but of course won't be completed for a little while due to reasons I've mentioned below.

Other than that, there is not much else to bring up/talk about as I'm so busy with college and as I've said, keeping POLYHAX to one side for a good while. It'll always remain that special hobby that will show both achievement and experience as far as the arts, comedy and vidya go.

I would like to mention however that I am planning to start updates on my CV website and open up a YouTube channel under my real name. When I eventually do this, I will be able to keep POLYHAX updates content related and not as vlog like.

There's gonna be a lot of plans, New Years Resolutions for all of the both personal and profesional projects I have planned. And you can still keep informed by checking out @Xonarno Twitter. Though I hardly ever go on there, I'll try and arrange a time slot in the evening where I just tweet about what I have planned or what I am up to project wise.

I plan to make a New Years Day update about my ambition and evaluate my words of the proceeding year. This is the last update of the year and I'll post on the inception of the new year.

Here's the New creepypasta video if you haven't seen it already:

ORIGINAL UPDATE (5th December): 

This update is extremely important to read, but don't assume I'm leaving YouTube because it's likely to continue in some aspects and not in others. If I had an ordinary outlook on this matter I would probably abolish everything I do YT wise but due to the rapid growth of the channel, I'm now feeling compelled to keep it alive.

Firstly, what a big year this has been, but I'll make further conclusion on that closer to the end of this year. For all that I have to post, I feel it's more necessary to make a video update this Christmas regarding next year for those who are too lazy to read what I have to say but want to hear it anyway. This will be the second to last update before the end of the year or perhaps just the last update of this year ever. It's quite possible I won't get round to making another update before the end of the month but I still intend to make one on the 1st of January as part of my traditions. 

The last time I properly updated was the 3rd of October 2014. I'm finding it hard to update for many reasons, one being because I'm almost always pretty knackered from college and it's been so long that doing this thing is just something I'm not used to. I've tried to update on several occasions before, but I've been so occupied that I don't have time to even tell people I'm busy. Back in the earlier times of this year and the preceding year; I would often be very busy and I would notify regularly about the problems I was facing. Now here comes a time where I don't even have time for that. 

The entire point of these updates is for me to landmark a point where I am at so I don't get stuck in a maze; more solely it is so that I keep a journalistic recording of what I go through event and event again. 

Update Video (23rd December):