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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Moment of Truth - The Update of All Updates

The time has come. Two years, more specifically the first half of 2014 that consisted of extremely hard work relating to my education. Every push. Every punch. Every fight. This is it. The answer to everything I have worked my ass off to and the entire reason why I've so unable to make videos for the most part of pre-June 2014. That day is tomorrow. I cannot believe it. The results. Will it be good? Will it be bad? But the answer is either a Yes or No. If I've got the grades I require; I'm in. I need 6 Cs and a B in Maths. If this is not the case, I will be delayed from doing 50% of what I want to do for another year. I'm recollecting it all, though I have kept it hidden. As I said a week of two again, that day of fate is to come and that day is on the verge of now. You know all that I've tweeted, commentated and blogged about the biggest situation in my whole life but what's happened has now happened. The side of myself that lives at the beginning of this year, I say "I've done your work and the future is being unveiled". He does not know what to expect from the results but he is working extremely hard. But he's totally unaware of it. While I found it extremely stressful and threw everything at it, it was still a very rewarding feeling for it to be all over and I do have some day ja vu of just sitting in the conservatory revising for days on end.

I've meant to update this site ages ago and the previous post before this one glitched out so the text wasn't saved. It was only a mini paragraph about practically nothing though so who cares? Either way, this is probably the greatest most important update of the year.

I could go on to talk and talk about what I'd do if I didn't get the good enough results or if I did get good enough results. But it's already happened and the very last scenario of the entire two years is when you know you're save. I don't know that it's over until I found out whatever the envelope seas and if it meets criteria.

For absence and respectfulness of this difficult day: there will be no videos tommorow and only speech from me as a person. It takes place between 10 and 12AM so it's first thing. Be sure to watch my Twitter: @7ohnarnold for the updates/insight and that's all. Adios and whatever happens does not change the fact I tried my hardest.    

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