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Saturday, 30 August 2014

MEGA Update - Biggest Update Yet!

This update is extremely important to read. There is everything on this post that you need to know for everything to do with my projects as well as the next stage in my life. The inceptions of a new adventure. I have not updated since the verbal joy of the big victory and as so many descisions and ideas of mine have gone on since. By dissecting all there is to explain, I can eradicate confusion and establish my work as being conditional.

I'd first of all like to thank everyone who has supported me, the results if you can not already tell were amazing and everything has paid off. I'm moving onto the next stage of my life with neither fuss nor hassle. My summer has been potentially the best I've ever had and I've shared bucketloads of fantastic experiences, such as meeting friends family and livestreaming with you all for more than 10 hours in total! I've traveled to different parts of the country as well as going to Italy for a week! 

There's no doubt I've felt depression from loosing track of the days and often wasting away time, but ultimately when I focus on a project or put my mind to something it puts me back onto the right track. Often I have to play some fast paced piano music or lift heavy objects to concentrate from the morning onwards.

I feel a lit happier now that I've found my focus and while I failed to morivate myself to make a new video before the Summer was out, I did upload a filler video of me and Alex. The day after this post was made is the day I start college and the fact I'll have a new Nephew in a couple of days time and again in October is very exciting as you can imagine.

The most important subject of the matter I need to stress is that ther will be NO frequency in making videos because of the even bigger dedication this and next year will require. I am doing the subjects I enjoy so it's a lot easier in that sense. Even though I got what I needed in the end, I have learned my lesson. I will only make videos when I can make videos, the ridiculous juggling I did from January to June makes me question how on bloody earth I managed it but here I am.

As you read this very post, I'm already looking tp unite Polyhax as a magazine based sote with all my other ventures. I'm really going to be breaking down and organising my ventures for greater effectivity. Tommorow a site redesign should take place and I'll wrap things up on a fluent note by also going back to watch my favourite TV series of all time: Merlin. 

If you haven't noticed already, The Dreampeak Project name has now been finalised into "Peakner" after one of my brothers helped aqquire the domain name for me. We're looking to launch the new version of already existing site on a raspberry pi server. 

I'm also looking to livestream again soon, seeing as it's a very chillaxed activity for me and I'm thinking of doing EoS again. Yes that's right, but with mostly 2 hour parts will mean a faster and more hearty meal of a playthrough, hopefully all the way to Destiny Tower eventually. I did feel bad as if you've noticed, I've privated all of my EoS/Platinum parts for having too inappropriate/immature humour. After being horrified by the gross/dark language I used in the playthrough and general bad quality, I slashed it alltogether abd the same may happen to my MC and MM playthroughs if they're equally bad. 

I'm looking to cut down completely on exaggeration for TFW and kick off my new journalism show but that's a whole different story. 

With that said I've pretty much said all there is to say here. I'm sorry for this post being insanely long. Thank you once again for all of you being awesome and I'll see you all again soon!

Kind regards

- John :-)

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