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Saturday, 2 August 2014

August Production Update and Vacation

Hey all; what better way to give you a big update before I go vacant from tomorrow to next Thursday. That's right from 2AM GMT tomorrow I will be  traveling to Italy with my family and I won't get back to everything video wise until Friday. I've been meaning to do this for the past week and it's only until now when it's bang at the last minute. I'd just like to say that the next TFW video is 75% to completion and while I could have got it uploaded before I go away I would hate to be absent from all the feedback and growth of the channel. I promise that this next TFW video will be inventive, original and the most elaborative yet; it's about 12 minutes long and has the potential to be a successful video.

I also want to state that while I'm away,  I plan to write a lot of script for the following episodes and plans for the videos after that. I expect of myself to produce new videos in a much more frequent fashion considering the time I have available now and what is left. I've already stressed that at College I'll be unable to create videos which require a lot of work and it'll mean yet more big changes for the channel to come. I'd say to produce TFW videos longer than 5 minutes would be out of the question let alone any at all. I want to be extremely dedicated this time around and if I create any new YouTube videos, they will only be accessible to make and made out of the bare minimum time I can afford. I do NOT want a repeat of what happened from 2013-2014, but I have to say that process felt it went quite quickly.

I'm going to be be focussing entirely on giving a more plentiful video experience, including journalism, The Dreampeak Projects development and my own personal career/publishing.
I don't want to reveal to much, but on the 13th of August I'm having a get together with a familiar figure.

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