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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Big TFW and DP Project Updates

I need an update, I need a cigar. That sort of concept. Two weeks of practical silence from me and I've felt horribly disconnected from everyone and everything as a result. Things like this make me feel depressed and I'm depressed because I have too much I want to do and yet I get nothing done all day then I find the next day I'm too busy. I've failed to update this website as regularly as I hoped and I feel as though I'm wasting away every day away like nothing. I'm even feeling too burnt to focus on updating this website and fulfilling the summer I worked the first half of this year towards.

I remember back in January 2014, fighting for my very education and determination for that long summer break awaiting me. That's what drove me and now I've realised that only when I am in workaholic mode am I able to do what I want to do. So it's time I went back into focus mode like any other day and apply break in the evening. Only can I do what I want if I focus and work hard towards it. I say it's time to kick some ass!

I've been almost unable to record for this week and potentially the next because of the big construction that's going on at my house. I'm concluding that I can only do so many TFW videos a week and if I'm unable to record, there's simply no other way I can until I'm able to.

In the meantime, I''m already working on the social network site from bare basics and it's the real thing:

I will be additionally delivering updates and information on new features from the website via The Dreampeak BLOG, which you can click via this sites banner. The site will hopefully be at ALPHA dev by the time I create an official site and domain name.

I'll try update this site every day if I can.

Me and Alex are going to meet up in August, so expect some intense crap going about!

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