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Sunday, 26 February 2017

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— All the classics of POLYHAX, streams, collabs and other stuff can be found on POLYHAX YouTube Channel:

March 2017: 

POLYHAX was an entertainment and streaming channel consisting of parodies, countdowns, reviews, playthroughs, journalism and the like. I no longer upload or post here anymore but you're always welcome to check out my big archive of videos from 2010 to 2017. Thanks for stopping by!

Celebrating Six Years of POLYHAX Goodness:

Top 5 games with 'sky' on the front cover. Ranging from Skyward Sword to Skyrim to mod games of popular franchises. I dug up five games of said quality and threw them in a gauntlet 5 to 1. Happy sixth anniversary to my YouTube channel. It's been an amazing experience. 

I'm sad to say this is my last video on YouTube. Thanks so much for six amazing years of countdowns, parodies, playthroughs, streams and thank you, my good viewer.

HXN Streams:

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Welcome to POLYHAX!

This site is under construction but you can still access what's available.
Here you'll find content ranging from parodies to countdowns, to reviews. Simply check out the tabs. Your retro entertainment source at it's sauciest!

Check out a template of what I'm working on:

Monday, 23 February 2015

POLYHAX Turns 4 Years + Temporary Hiatus

Here it is, the year 2015. Two months into 2015. Nearly 1/6 of this year has practically gone and I haven't said anything here or on YouTube. On Twitter however, i'm always tweeting about what's going and what's on my mind. I went back more than a year ago to when I posted on January the 1st 2014. The link to that post can be found here ( and it's interesting for me to realise how much my outlook has really changed. My point being that what I face this year is 10 times harder than last year so I'm not even able to spare time to update here. 

I've already explained the issue in my POLYHAX update video as well as all of the proceeding updates before this one. I do not need to say why there will be no videos until June.There is so much detail and such bare time to discuss  these things that there is simply no point. If you want to know what's going on in my life then you should follow me on Twitter . But the message without reason is this: there will be little to nothing from me YouTube-wise until June due to critical time and vital examinations to prepare for. If there are any more updates here then there'll be probably copy and pasted from Twitter. This blog site should still serve as a journal for Twitter.

So what's the significance of today? Today POLYHAX is 4 years old (created 23rd February 2011). Unfortunately I'm unable to celebrate it and go on for loads of paragraphs about how it's evolved over the years or some kinda stupid speech. I thought today would mark a good day to update but as I write it's 23:55 GMT. All I want to say is thank you to four years of incredible growth and from June till September this year expect a big period of more content. Until then POLYHAX is temporarily closed.

See you all in June :^)


Sunday, 28 December 2014

Final 2014 Post

Well, what a major post this is. If you're unaware as to why there are hardly any videos being uploaded or the frequency of my schedules, then read the important 'Original Update' below. Now that's that out of the way and you understand why I'm keeping YouTube a bare minimum: I can talk about what videos I have planned for when I can eventually make some.

Firstly, I've already uploaded a creepypasta themed video (see below) and furthermore a revisit video I'm going to upload on New Years Day. Finally and most importantly, the next Obvious Facts video is in development but of course won't be completed for a little while due to reasons I've mentioned below.

Other than that, there is not much else to bring up/talk about as I'm so busy with college and as I've said, keeping POLYHAX to one side for a good while. It'll always remain that special hobby that will show both achievement and experience as far as the arts, comedy and vidya go.

I would like to mention however that I am planning to start updates on my CV website and open up a YouTube channel under my real name. When I eventually do this, I will be able to keep POLYHAX updates content related and not as vlog like.

There's gonna be a lot of plans, New Years Resolutions for all of the both personal and profesional projects I have planned. And you can still keep informed by checking out @Xonarno Twitter. Though I hardly ever go on there, I'll try and arrange a time slot in the evening where I just tweet about what I have planned or what I am up to project wise.

I plan to make a New Years Day update about my ambition and evaluate my words of the proceeding year. This is the last update of the year and I'll post on the inception of the new year.

Here's the New creepypasta video if you haven't seen it already:

ORIGINAL UPDATE (5th December): 

This update is extremely important to read, but don't assume I'm leaving YouTube because it's likely to continue in some aspects and not in others. If I had an ordinary outlook on this matter I would probably abolish everything I do YT wise but due to the rapid growth of the channel, I'm now feeling compelled to keep it alive.

Firstly, what a big year this has been, but I'll make further conclusion on that closer to the end of this year. For all that I have to post, I feel it's more necessary to make a video update this Christmas regarding next year for those who are too lazy to read what I have to say but want to hear it anyway. This will be the second to last update before the end of the year or perhaps just the last update of this year ever. It's quite possible I won't get round to making another update before the end of the month but I still intend to make one on the 1st of January as part of my traditions. 

The last time I properly updated was the 3rd of October 2014. I'm finding it hard to update for many reasons, one being because I'm almost always pretty knackered from college and it's been so long that doing this thing is just something I'm not used to. I've tried to update on several occasions before, but I've been so occupied that I don't have time to even tell people I'm busy. Back in the earlier times of this year and the preceding year; I would often be very busy and I would notify regularly about the problems I was facing. Now here comes a time where I don't even have time for that. 

The entire point of these updates is for me to landmark a point where I am at so I don't get stuck in a maze; more solely it is so that I keep a journalistic recording of what I go through event and event again. 

Update Video (23rd December):

Friday, 7 November 2014

POLYHAX Reinvented

I've now completed construction of POLYHAX on both the YouTube channel and this website. As a result of organisation and optimisation, the channel is starving of frequency and available content. The Foolish Warlock is temporarily being excluded from POLYHAX as I bring focus on the greater qualities of ACID Journalism and Inactive TV where the emphasis is on a juxtaposition of informative analysis and abstract entertainment.

It's been two months since I last uploaded to POLYHAX YT and you can read both the previous POLYHAX updates and my past Twitter feed. Regardless, there are still the odd weekly spare occasions where I can put work into my ventures.

A new Obvious Facts video is in development which regardless of the past two month drought is better than absolutely nothing at all.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Construction Finalisation

Today I hope to be finalising all the layouts and construction changes with POLYHAX. I plan to finish both the video sorts outs and  thumbnails. This way I can finally tidy up everything and not have anymore of this to worry about- no more mess.

Friday, 3 October 2014

POLYHAX - Major Content Closure

Don't get too hung up on the title because it's important to read what I'm about to say...

How long has it been? It's the 8th of October as I write this. A entire month has gone by since the last update and I've been so out of touch with this site and my channel that I thought I'd end up abandoning it all with little notification. Did I expect to be in a situation like this so soon? This was all deliberate for the very reason that my education/life comes galaxies before else as I've said countless times before; but it's bigger this time.

I've been so occupied that I can hardly gather my own thoughts together and my own thoughts, plans about all else have been fading away. My mind feels like heavy bricks, I can't even remember what I was thinking about a month ago. It's going quickly but at the same time, so much has happened that the summer feels a whole year ago.

I have had such bare spare time that I could hardly tweet about how it was all going. I expected it to be rigorous, but not to the point of insanity where every bullet is firing at you. Because I missed two days and a whole weekend from going to a family wedding in Hungary, that was more than enough to create a dangerous snowball effect that has rendered me incredibly behind. 

Believe me and I've said this so many times it's countless. While it's not definite that it will continue like this after the probationary period, it's sad but crystal clear that POLYHAX will have to end or enter a long hiatus. 

That does not mean "No videos", it means "Little to no videos". I can't do countdowns/reviews anymore until perhaps one at Christmas or a stream and I can only just about do a stream or obvious facts video in the half term if I'm very lucky. But most importantly, I'd rather spend any bare time on my most relevant hobbies/ambitions such as my social network project: Peakner. So to keep my mind in a organised state it became a good idea to have one dedicated venture as opposed to several piles of unfinished mess

The POLYHAX channel and site are both in a bad mess from unfinished rebrandings. Such a task has become so beyond impossible now that I may as well withdraw right now. I studied extremely hard and I'm almost up to speed, but at the same time I felt depressed and stressed. I was having doubts. Do I really want to carry on like this? Do I want to drop out? Which was totally out of nature and went against all I had both worked and fought for. I was fed up. When two of my subject teachers suggested that I dropped the course, I gave them my ambition but at the same time I felt off put,

I envisioned my big dream again but at the same time dreaming beyond the work such work would take. I then realised that my actual issue was settling in, and when such a huge amount of pressure is dropped on you within the first few weeks I ended up feeling that my life had no meaning other than to do work. It was a big turn off. I felt like I was being thrown into the deep end.

I knew for definite that I would be totally making the wrong choice to drop out because there is no other pathway towards my dream other than a even longer and potentially more tedious one. It's then when I came to the philosophical conclusion that life really was just testing me to see if I could persist and prevail through obstruction, to challenge my determination. Even though I felt like crap during my two year GCSE period (2012-2014), I was still to apply time to fun regardless that I could barely post videos. But this time there is currently no time for any fun and hardly enough time to work. I gave up my entire weekend minus eating and sleeping to break down the work. The fact it's be dark, misty, rainy and gloomy hasn't helped either. I took a total break from my AS work for the second half of today in order to relax and refresh.

When there are hopefully more opportunities come for me to have spare time and have fun, I will repair and settle. I think the key is to just not dwell on my anxiety and focus on my determination; if time really does go quicker the busier and older you are then the whole experience won't be too much of a bumpy ride. If I look at this with the same outlook as my GCSE exams, then I can treat this more as another battle towards a great war. 

I'm making a lot of new friends and I've come to the conclusion that stressful work is the only thing that's causing me to overlook that. 

I know this isn't at all a POLYHAX update, but a vlog is a vlog I suppose. 

I could go into more detail but this is enough info to gather the summary point:

I will do all the work I need to do until I am able to relax and when I am able to relax, I will put work towards my ventures. I only have another week and it's half term. Once I finalise everything, I can do whatever the hell I want for a week I just must make sure I use it wisely/make progress. 

Saturday, 30 August 2014

MEGA Update - Biggest Update Yet!

This update is extremely important to read. There is everything on this post that you need to know for everything to do with my projects as well as the next stage in my life. The inceptions of a new adventure. I have not updated since the verbal joy of the big victory and as so many descisions and ideas of mine have gone on since. By dissecting all there is to explain, I can eradicate confusion and establish my work as being conditional.

I'd first of all like to thank everyone who has supported me, the results if you can not already tell were amazing and everything has paid off. I'm moving onto the next stage of my life with neither fuss nor hassle. My summer has been potentially the best I've ever had and I've shared bucketloads of fantastic experiences, such as meeting friends family and livestreaming with you all for more than 10 hours in total! I've traveled to different parts of the country as well as going to Italy for a week! 

There's no doubt I've felt depression from loosing track of the days and often wasting away time, but ultimately when I focus on a project or put my mind to something it puts me back onto the right track. Often I have to play some fast paced piano music or lift heavy objects to concentrate from the morning onwards.

I feel a lit happier now that I've found my focus and while I failed to morivate myself to make a new video before the Summer was out, I did upload a filler video of me and Alex. The day after this post was made is the day I start college and the fact I'll have a new Nephew in a couple of days time and again in October is very exciting as you can imagine.

The most important subject of the matter I need to stress is that ther will be NO frequency in making videos because of the even bigger dedication this and next year will require. I am doing the subjects I enjoy so it's a lot easier in that sense. Even though I got what I needed in the end, I have learned my lesson. I will only make videos when I can make videos, the ridiculous juggling I did from January to June makes me question how on bloody earth I managed it but here I am.

As you read this very post, I'm already looking tp unite Polyhax as a magazine based sote with all my other ventures. I'm really going to be breaking down and organising my ventures for greater effectivity. Tommorow a site redesign should take place and I'll wrap things up on a fluent note by also going back to watch my favourite TV series of all time: Merlin. 

If you haven't noticed already, The Dreampeak Project name has now been finalised into "Peakner" after one of my brothers helped aqquire the domain name for me. We're looking to launch the new version of already existing site on a raspberry pi server. 

I'm also looking to livestream again soon, seeing as it's a very chillaxed activity for me and I'm thinking of doing EoS again. Yes that's right, but with mostly 2 hour parts will mean a faster and more hearty meal of a playthrough, hopefully all the way to Destiny Tower eventually. I did feel bad as if you've noticed, I've privated all of my EoS/Platinum parts for having too inappropriate/immature humour. After being horrified by the gross/dark language I used in the playthrough and general bad quality, I slashed it alltogether abd the same may happen to my MC and MM playthroughs if they're equally bad. 

I'm looking to cut down completely on exaggeration for TFW and kick off my new journalism show but that's a whole different story. 

With that said I've pretty much said all there is to say here. I'm sorry for this post being insanely long. Thank you once again for all of you being awesome and I'll see you all again soon!

Kind regards

- John :-)

Thursday, 21 August 2014

I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Moment of Truth - The Update of All Updates

The time has come. Two years, more specifically the first half of 2014 that consisted of extremely hard work relating to my education. Every push. Every punch. Every fight. This is it. The answer to everything I have worked my ass off to and the entire reason why I've so unable to make videos for the most part of pre-June 2014. That day is tomorrow. I cannot believe it. The results. Will it be good? Will it be bad? But the answer is either a Yes or No. If I've got the grades I require; I'm in. I need 6 Cs and a B in Maths. If this is not the case, I will be delayed from doing 50% of what I want to do for another year. I'm recollecting it all, though I have kept it hidden. As I said a week of two again, that day of fate is to come and that day is on the verge of now. You know all that I've tweeted, commentated and blogged about the biggest situation in my whole life but what's happened has now happened. The side of myself that lives at the beginning of this year, I say "I've done your work and the future is being unveiled". He does not know what to expect from the results but he is working extremely hard. But he's totally unaware of it. While I found it extremely stressful and threw everything at it, it was still a very rewarding feeling for it to be all over and I do have some day ja vu of just sitting in the conservatory revising for days on end.

I've meant to update this site ages ago and the previous post before this one glitched out so the text wasn't saved. It was only a mini paragraph about practically nothing though so who cares? Either way, this is probably the greatest most important update of the year.

I could go on to talk and talk about what I'd do if I didn't get the good enough results or if I did get good enough results. But it's already happened and the very last scenario of the entire two years is when you know you're save. I don't know that it's over until I found out whatever the envelope seas and if it meets criteria.

For absence and respectfulness of this difficult day: there will be no videos tommorow and only speech from me as a person. It takes place between 10 and 12AM so it's first thing. Be sure to watch my Twitter: @7ohnarnold for the updates/insight and that's all. Adios and whatever happens does not change the fact I tried my hardest.    

Saturday, 2 August 2014

August Production Update and Vacation

Hey all; what better way to give you a big update before I go vacant from tomorrow to next Thursday. That's right from 2AM GMT tomorrow I will be  traveling to Italy with my family and I won't get back to everything video wise until Friday. I've been meaning to do this for the past week and it's only until now when it's bang at the last minute. I'd just like to say that the next TFW video is 75% to completion and while I could have got it uploaded before I go away I would hate to be absent from all the feedback and growth of the channel. I promise that this next TFW video will be inventive, original and the most elaborative yet; it's about 12 minutes long and has the potential to be a successful video.

I also want to state that while I'm away,  I plan to write a lot of script for the following episodes and plans for the videos after that. I expect of myself to produce new videos in a much more frequent fashion considering the time I have available now and what is left. I've already stressed that at College I'll be unable to create videos which require a lot of work and it'll mean yet more big changes for the channel to come. I'd say to produce TFW videos longer than 5 minutes would be out of the question let alone any at all. I want to be extremely dedicated this time around and if I create any new YouTube videos, they will only be accessible to make and made out of the bare minimum time I can afford. I do NOT want a repeat of what happened from 2013-2014, but I have to say that process felt it went quite quickly.

I'm going to be be focussing entirely on giving a more plentiful video experience, including journalism, The Dreampeak Projects development and my own personal career/publishing.
I don't want to reveal to much, but on the 13th of August I'm having a get together with a familiar figure.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Big TFW and DP Project Updates

I need an update, I need a cigar. That sort of concept. Two weeks of practical silence from me and I've felt horribly disconnected from everyone and everything as a result. Things like this make me feel depressed and I'm depressed because I have too much I want to do and yet I get nothing done all day then I find the next day I'm too busy. I've failed to update this website as regularly as I hoped and I feel as though I'm wasting away every day away like nothing. I'm even feeling too burnt to focus on updating this website and fulfilling the summer I worked the first half of this year towards.

I remember back in January 2014, fighting for my very education and determination for that long summer break awaiting me. That's what drove me and now I've realised that only when I am in workaholic mode am I able to do what I want to do. So it's time I went back into focus mode like any other day and apply break in the evening. Only can I do what I want if I focus and work hard towards it. I say it's time to kick some ass!

I've been almost unable to record for this week and potentially the next because of the big construction that's going on at my house. I'm concluding that I can only do so many TFW videos a week and if I'm unable to record, there's simply no other way I can until I'm able to.

In the meantime, I''m already working on the social network site from bare basics and it's the real thing:

I will be additionally delivering updates and information on new features from the website via The Dreampeak BLOG, which you can click via this sites banner. The site will hopefully be at ALPHA dev by the time I create an official site and domain name.

I'll try update this site every day if I can.

Me and Alex are going to meet up in August, so expect some intense crap going about!